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This FAQ will be modified based on questions, comments & feedback received.  If your question is not answered here or in any other help topic - please ask us using the 'Contact Us' page or through our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  1. What do I have to do to book a room?
    First - Register your account & verify your email address
    Second - Create a band (or find & join it if a bandmate has already created it)
    Third - In the My Band tab - click 'Make New Booking'
    Fourth - Find the room & time you like & click to add to cart
    Fifth - Go to cart & follow the checkout process
    Your booking will show up in your Current Bookings list in your My Band tab.  If you need to pay before a particular date to keep the booking it will have a count down timer showing here.
  2. My studio is new to Bandwax and I can't see my current bookings.  Why not?
    Your studio has probably already reserved your room for you, but can't put it in your name until you 'Connect' with them through Bandwax.  Once you've created your band, go to the Studio Directory and search for your studio.  When your studio's information is showing on the map - click the 'Connect' button.  Your studio will now be able to see you and move your bookings back to your name.  Now is a good time to let them know you've 'Connected' with them on Bandwax.  Once they've put the bookings in your name you'll be able to see them all in your 'Current Bookings' list in your 'My Band' tab. 
  3. Why can't I see any studios when I try to make a new booking?
    If you can't see any studios on this page - there aren't any studios nearby your chosen location (within 90km / 56 miles) that have their bookings online with Bandwax.  If you 
  4. What studios are allowed to join Bandwax?
    Any band rehearsal studio can join.  If you rehearse at a studio that isn't currently on Bandwax at all please add them to the directory.  If they're not using Bandwax for bookings - tell them about us and tell us about them.  If you use the referral form we will contact the studio for you and let them know what we can do for them.  Please talk to your studio owners yourselves too.  People are much more likely to listen to us if they've already heard about what we can do for them!
  5. What happens if 2 band members accidentally create 2 different band profiles with the same band name?
    Delete one of them and just join up everyone on the one account.  Only if you're all on one account will you see all your bookings together.  One person will not be allowed to join 2 bands with the same name.
  6. I joined up with the band email address instead of my own.  Can I change it?
    Yes, and please do.  The system works on an individual basis.  Each band member can log in and view the same bookings as long as they are joined through the band.  Go to your band profile and Invite / Join a band to create the link.